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PUEBLA, MEXICO is said to be chosen by the angels and its regional dishes are often thought of as heaven-sent as well. Colonial Mexico was a society of enormous cultural dynamism and was the cradle of a unique and rich cuisine influenced by French “haut cuisine”, mestizo traditions, and by the foods and recipes of the indigenous people of Puebla.
The gastronomy of Puebla is alive and well and WE ARE pleased to play a role in extending the influence of the baroque Pueblan cuisine to California.

over 30 years ago, our family decided to embark on highlighting the multi-generational recipes and create a restaurant to embody their dreams.
Comprised of Hector, Helena, and their daughters Alexa, Paulina, and Camila, WE have crafted a menu based off of their family recipes and regional dishes . “I was very close to my grandmother, and would cling to her side as she cooked,” Helena shares with a nostalgic smile. “I can still smell the aromas of her cooking, the feeling of rocking back and forth with her as she would grind cacao beans onto a stone board.” 

We use the freshest ingredients and locally grown produce, whenever possible, to prepare all our dishes.
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